Friday, August 31, 2007


So, the other morning I put Stella's new aquarium watch on her and she's looking all proud. I ask her, "Stella, what time is it?", thinking I wouldn't get much of a response. She looks up at me and yells, "It's eight forty!!!". Just way too funny.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

What did she say?

Stella is talking up a storm. Her vocabulary has increased tremendously! We don't have anyone to compare her to, but for 20 months...we are impressed and that is all that matters!!

"Mommy, I'm making coffee!" Of course she only makes Peet's!
"Mommy, I see the truck."
"Daddy going to work on the bus"
"Mommy's car" "Daddy's bus" You didn't know Robert owned one did you?
"Addie sleeping...shhhh" this is followed by a high pitched...."Hi Addie!" (hint, hint...she is trying to wake her up) "Addie's awake!.....HI, HI"
"I'm picking weeds"
She loves to take the garbage out too!! She says, "Stella help" or "I come" as Stella and Daddy collect the garbage and recyclables from the house.
Stella is a wonderful sharer. She says..."some" if she wants to share or "Stella some" if she wants what you have.

Want a laugh? Come by for a visit!!

Halloween is coming...

What are you going to bee?

Here's Stella!!


Here's Addie!!

She's right behind you!

Addison went in for her 6 month check up and everything is great! She is growing like a weed. Addie is pretty much at the same stage as Stella was. We go for our 9 month check up and a 2 year check up in December. Stay tuned!!