Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gilroy Gardens or bust!!

Yesterday the girls and I went on our first adventure to Gilroy Gardens. It was an amazing day!! The weather was great, the park was fairly empty and the girls were in a great mood. The highlight of the day was the hot air balloons, the cars and fish. We closed GG down with Gil the Garlic. We plan on going back all year long. It's a great park and we can't wait to take Dada back very, very soon!


Morning chat with Dada

The girls love it when Dada calls and gives them their "Good Morning" via Mama's IP Phone. Look how cute!! You'll also notice their view from outside the office and my view from inside. The girls start school on Monday and I will miss how they run by and wave hello, blow me kisses and pretend they are working at CostCo. Notice Addie's tummy!! Go Cisco!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stella's first year of pre-school!!

Stella loved pre-school. She attended Precious Preschool on Tuesday and Thursdays AMs. She has completed her first year and is very excited to start school again in August. Stella was very excited to be able to hold the flag on this special day!! Grandma came to watch the ceremony and treated us to ice cream. YUM!

My little ballet dancer

Addie and Stella are in love with the ballet class they took at the community center. Addie would want to put on her outfit on right when she woke up. She's pretty hecka cute! She seems to be more interested than Stella. Here's my little dancing queen.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The things that kid say!

I told Miss. Stella this morning that I would watch her baby today while she was out at Discovery Museum. She tells me, "she can stay with you in the office, certainly she doesn't want to stay out here in the kitchen by herself!"

Robert was also told today that he was talking to loud and couldn't go to the candy store.


More quotes to come.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Los Gatos candy stop...yummy!!

new hair cuts for my girls...

not sure they liked the whole process, but they do pretty darn cute.