Saturday, June 21, 2008

Magical Plugs no more!!

Flayra left for Brazil for TWO WEEKS. Two very full weeks....we are talking 16 days here. When Flayra left on Thursday she took four pacifiers in a little bag with her. We have been telling Stella that her paci's...(the little plastic and silicon magical plugs) were on the way to Brazil. We never thought it would be so easy, but it was. No more pacis for little Miss Stella. We told her that the little boys and girls of Brazil needed them. Thursday night was a little hard, but she doesn't even ask for it. Little does she know it, we kept one little pink paci. I'll pull it out in a few years and show it to her. Instead of sucking on that magical plug, Stella has taken up blowing on this old trumpet. She can really get it to go!!!