Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Craziness @ the Row

I'm glad to be a working mom! Did I say that? Yes I did! I'm sitting here realizing how lucky I am to be a working Mom. I mean I get the best of all worlds. I get to see my kids all the time and have a great job. Today there is the hustle and bustle of trick or treating at Santana Row. Crazy Mom's with every stroller imaginable push their ways from store to store to get free goodies. I think to myself...wow they all look crazy. Some looks stressed, dazed, tired, some look like June Cleaver. They all lug diaper bags, carry screaming kids, snotty faced, drooly one tooth laughing kids around...I just think...wow. I am lucky!! I wouldn't survive all of this ciaos on a regular basis.