Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gravity Wins

I've heard that at some point in your child's growth they will learn how to climb out of their crib. Well, for Stella, that day was yesterday October 17, 2007. I think she mastered the climbing part but gravity got the best of her. Stella's forearm broke the fall and the fall broke her forearm. We weren't sure if it was a sprain or a fracture until I took her to Good Sam's ER today. Inbetween playing hide'n'seek with the doctors and nurses and telling people "it's broken", the experts were able to ascertain that she had a fracture. Amazingly, she didn't mind the whole hospital experience and even walked herself down the halls to the x-ray room (who needs a gurney when you're 22 months old). This shot shows the beginnings of the temporary splint. We have an appointment with the orthopedic doctor on Monday for the real deal - a cast. Mommy has put in her request for Pink or Black. I think Pink will be better for signing.